Reducing Traffic and Parking Pressure

I hear it all the time - traffic congestion and scant parking are plaguing our community. We need solutions that are both creative and bold to address these problems and improve our quality of life.

  • Whether you’re in the downtown business district, in Shell Beach, or in areas south of town, you know traffic and parking are big concerns. The growth will not stop, so we should be planning for and addressing it.
  • I will push to create more affordable parking areas adequate to our current and future needs. 
  • I will work with local businesses to find solutions to get customers to their doors and into the village, to the Pismo Preserve, and the downtown areas, while cutting traffic and parking pressures.
  • I will work with residents to make sure their streets don’t become the overflow areas for traffic trying to access businesses.
  • I will push to make bicycle racks plentiful throughout the city.

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