Building Sustainable Tourism

I want to see our City expand access to outdoor recreation that will benefit visitors and residents alike.

  • Sunshine, fresh air, and room to move around--we all need these more than ever right now. We all want to recharge and be safe. I’ll push to maximize opportunities for more healthy, safe, outdoor recreation for all our citizens and visitors.
  • I’ll push for more parks and open space to preserve and enhance our beach culture--and the infrastructure and parking to support them.
  • I’ll work to support efforts for more trails in the Pismo Preserve and better options for visitors wishing to visit that spectacular area.
  • We’ll continue to welcome guests to our fine city and ask that they help us all stay safe in these trying times.
  • I’ll encourage efforts to attract new tourism that patronizes our local hotels, shops, and restaurants, but leaves a small footprint.

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