Strengthening The Economy

We need strong leadership to guide our economic recovery and ensure Pismo Beach remains a world-class tourist destination while also retaining our unique beachtown character.

  • Pismo Beach has a balanced budget largely because of our strong tourism economy, but the pandemic has revealed just how important it is to maintain strong reserves.  As mayor, I’ll prioritize expanding our reserves so we can ensure we have cash available in case of a sudden downturn and the agility to cope with future needs.
  • We should be providing support to local hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, and shops that keep visitors coming back. The City should be reaching out to those businesses to see what help it can offer during the pandemic.
  • The City should be working hand-in-hand with the local Chambers of Commerce on a unified strategy to publicize the efforts those businesses have made to keep residents and visitors safe.
  • We should make sure relief money goes to the intended recipients. I strongly believe in economic relief for small businesses and residents. I support waiving late fees for residents struggling to pay their bills. 
  • Through public/private partnerships, we can offer additional assistance to those who are hurting most--small businesses and workers who’ve been laid-off and may be facing eviction and other dire circumstances.
  • Let’s make sure wherever possible, local project contracts are awarded to local businesses and support local workers.

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